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Women who broke silence named Time’s Person of the Year for 2017

Written by FDM

The  » Person of the Year « , according to TIME , is not a person: it is a group. It’s the  » Silence Breakers » referring to women who accused powerful men of sexual harassment and assault and gave birth to the movement #MeToo.

Each year, the TIME names the personality of the year. And while it often designates one person,  like Donald Trump in 2016 or Angela Merkel in 2015, TIME chose to name in 2017 the group of people who have started a global conversation about the prevalence of sexual harassment.

« It is the fastest-moving social change we’ve seen in decades, and it began with individual acts of courage by women and some men too.” The magazine’s editor in chief, Edward Felsenthal, said in an interview on the “Today” show about the #MeToo movement.

On the cover of this edition, actress Ashley Judd is seen besides Taylor Swift, a former Uber engineer, and Susan Fowler, who have all denounced various forms of sexual misconduct. A cover that also highlights the fight against sexual harassment in less publicized environments by including Isabel Pascual, a Mexican working as a strawberry picker, and Adama Iwu, a lobbyist in Sacramento. It also includes a woman with a hidden face, a reference to all anonymous people.