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Women in the spotlight at the Andalusia Festival of Atlantiques in Essaouira

Written by FDM

To celebrate its 16th edition, the Essaouira Atlantic Andalusia Festival honors women from October 31 to November 2. On the program, 15 concerts and distinguished guests like Dalila Meksoub.

Women will shine at the 16th edition of the Atlantic Andalusia Festival of Essaouira, scheduled from October 31 to November 2, which revisits the Judeo-Arabic musical repertoire.

Indeed, the organizers of the festival have decided to highlight, this year , “these young women who are more numerous to reclaim the most emblematic repertoires of our Andalusian music, the chgouri or the Judeo-Arab malhoun” As explained in a statement.

On the program, are Dalila Meksoub, Samia Ahmed, Asmae Lazrak, Ana El Kaoui and Lalla Ghita Moulati, Hanae Touk, Tamar Bloch and Chaimae Imran, who will pay tribute to pianist Hajja Ghita El Oufir and the famous Raymonde Al Bidaouia. The latter will offer the public two concerts including the closing which will be “a singular meeting rich of promises between two sacred monsters, Raymonde Al Bidaouia and the great master Ben Omar Ziani, undisputed icon and incarnation pioneer and emblematic of the Judeo-Arab music in Morocco and well beyond”.