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Women shine in “Ainsi soit-elle” exhibition at Artorium art space in Casablanca

Written by FDM

Women are on the spotlight of the “Ainsi soit-elle” exhibition which takes place at Artorium art space in Casablanca from March 7 to April 7.

Nine artists are taking part of this exhibition like the sculptor and designer Karim Alaoui , the painter Zine El Abidine El Amine , the artist Mouad Yebari, the artist Khalid Nadif or Othmane Tagmouti who always had as inspiration, the sublimated woman. ” His enigmatic pictorial world shows the woman without adornment, in the most crude way, ” says the TGCC Foundation presenting the “Ainsi soit-elle” exhibition. Other artists include talented women. The architect and photographer Zineb Andress Arraki who superimposes images in each of her shots. Photographs that arise from encounters that have punctuated her life, or situations she has faced. “She invents her own rules to share her feelings, shape her approach, determine her singularity,” describes the Foundation. Her works combine architecture, photography, sculpture and video .

Another artist: the painter Lamia Belloul who explores the material, experiments with shapes and colors and works a lot on the pigment. With her, the features are blurred and precision gives way to the illusory. The works of the photographer, art historian and film critic, Françoise Benomar, are also exhibited. Her photographic work on femininity captures a certain amount of shadow and extreme intimacy, a link with her models that is revealed in broad daylight.

As for the work of the painter Narjisse El Joubari, it is based essentially on the umbrella motif, which is presented on different series and in several forms. Another universe is showcased: that of Fatima Zahra Morjani. Through her abstract works, the artist expresses her commitment to social and environmental causes. Indeed, she uses oil, plants and materials recovery but also videos mixing natural images and urban sounds to reveal the tormented connection which ties the Man and his environment.

“We wanted to give the opportunity to these confirmed and emerging artists to portray the woman without going into any stereotypes, ” says Meryem Bouzoubaa, president of the TGCC Foundation.