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 Women investigators to be hired in Saudi Arabia for first time

Written by FDM

After the driving license or football matches, the Saudi authorities have just made a new announcement: the Riyadh prosecutor’s office plans to recruit women investigators.

“Vacancies are available for women’s positions on the staff of the public prosecution for the rank of lieutenant investigator,” the office announced in a statement relayed by the information ministry.

The announcement is in alignment with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “Vision 2030” reform program. The aim of this plan is to modernize the country and seeks to elevate women to nearly one-third of the workforce, up from about 22 percent now.

A job opening that will certainly be of interest to women since Saudi Arabia’s passport department recently indicated that they have received 107,000 applications for 140 vacancies for women at airports and at border crossings!

Even if there are many advances in the country (women are allowed to drive from next June or they can attend football matches), male guardianship is still part of the system where Saudi women still need approval from a man – normally father, husband or brother – to study, travel and do a variety of other activities …