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Women honored at the 16th edition of Maroc Hikayate Festival

Written by FDM

“Women’s speech” is the theme chosen for the 16th edition of the  Maroc Hikayate festival organized until July 13 in Rabat, highlighting stories, and storytellers from around the world.

This year, Maroc Hikayate Festival brings “Women’s speech” into the spotlight for its 16th edition from 01 to 13 July in Rabat. An exceptional event during which the public, of all ages, can come to appreciate the talent of storytellers from various backgrounds.

The chosen theme highlights the undeniable role of women in the construction of the cultural society, as stated by Najima Tay Tay, president of Conte’Act association which organizes the event in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Wilaya region of Rabat-Salé-Kenitra.
On the program, a series of activities and round tables during which several female storytellers are invited to share their experiences and stories with the public. But this edition will also be marked by seminars and debates in the presence of researchers specialized in the field.
This year also, the festival sees the participation of 30 countries, including Indonesia as guest of honor. Morocco is represented by the Amazighe and Hassania cultures, the cultures of the North and Jballas, the south and the Oriental region as well as all regions of the kingdom.

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