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Women entrepreneurs mobilized against COVID-19 challenges

Written by FDM

The femmes chefs d’entreprise (AFEM) association of women entrepreneurs has designed and put online a website ( for its members to accompany them, inform them, support them and guide them for effective management in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The platform was set up to provide tools to members to help them cope with the difficulties of managing their professional activities … by being confined and away from their workplace.

This is how many useful links and information are communicated for a better approach in this period of crisis and quarantine as in the preparation for post-confinement and the redeployment of activities. The Forum section allows women entrepreneurs to exchange, communicate, and support each other on common actions and best practices.

“This platform is intended for our members but remains open to any business manager, entrepreneur, or a person looking for useful information in managing this crisis. A call for solidarity to our incubates was launched via a special COVID-19 solidarity column, a showcase of products and services offered by our donor members put up for sale free of charge and whose revenues will be used to help women with projects ”, recalls the AFEM office in a press release.

AFEM has also initiated a weekly meeting of members for Brainstorming and to find solutions. Accompanied by experts and coaches, these meetings allow, according to the association, to keep in touch and get together.