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Women DHR’s club, a new force for equality 

Written by FDM

The «Club des femmes DRH» or women directors of human resources’ club in Morocco has just celebrated its very first anniversary. From now on, the organization is ready for its ultimate goal: to promote professional equality and impact the ecosystem. In short, the force of proposals to defy the lines.

Wednesday, March 27, the blue prevailed within the Four Seasons of Casablanca. It is the color of the women DHR’s club in Morocco gathered around to celebrate its first year of existence. On the program, DHR testimonials like Asmaa Charraf, Asmae El Kohen, and Zakia Hajjaji, as well as a woman manager with Souad Benbachir, the expertise of the French equality specialist, Corinne Hirsch, and the closing remarks of Ahmed Réda Chami, President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE).

One of the highlights was the speech of Corinne Hirsch who has unveiled the three levers needed to boost one’s career, namely visibility, mentoring and networking. ” You have to be under the radar to be able to seize opportunities, ” she says. And women are much less under the spotlight than men. She stressed: “Networking is important! It is essential to have networks of women like yours.”

After a year of existence, the women DHR’s club intends to be a strike force, as announced strongly by its founder Wassila Kara Ibrahimi, also manager of the Bil Consulting firm. “Throughout this year, we have created links between members, provided best practices and found our common cause that is to promote professional equality and impact the ecosystem,” she continues. You know, DHR women are still invisible in our country while they are found in all sectors. It’s not trivial!” In other words, they can have influence within their company and become a kind of engine for equality.

“For me, women’s networks are like training centers for athletes who are warming up to be the best,” says Wassila Kara Ibrahimi. Results: the women DHR’s club sees big, and that’s good!”  “Today, a person in the audience invited us to knock on the door of the CGEM with proposals for laws. We’ll take their word and I promise you that we will go there.” The battle has started.