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Women demand reallocation of the public space in Morocco with #ZankaDialna movement 

Written by FDM

Women walking down the streets in Morocco with confidence and no fear or hurry is the message that  #ZankaDialna initiative wishes to put across.

An unusual movement hit the streets of Rabat on Saturday, September 15: Thirty calm and quiet women walked -head held high and a fixed gaze- along the Boulevard Mohammed V, in an attempt to make a statement about women’s allocation of the public space. The Huffpost Maroc reported.

#ZankaDialna, is a spontaneous citizen initiative, born in June last year of a despair of the situation of women in Moroccan society, following the worrying increase of harassment cases, rape and violence towards the women. Thus, Lamia, Lisa, Zahra, Sanaa and the others decided to hit the boulevard for more than one hour, for a silent performance aimed at helping the women to reclaim the public space.

Credits: Houda Outa

“We did this for all the women who were assaulted, harassed and who today avoid walking on the street. They lower their heads and try to be as discreet as possible so as not to attract attention. ” said one of the founders of the movement according to the same source.

“When you think about it, women actually spend more time on the street. They are the ones who accompany children to school, to sports, to shopping, to work, to laundry, to take care of their parents … It is sad that they do not feel at home in the street! “, laments one of the participants.

credits: Houda Outa

Supervised by choreographers and improvisers Lisa Dali and Salima Moumni, the small group met at the Hiba-Lab , the starting point of this reflection around the public space, before making their way to Rabat Ville station, passing through the Parliament. The experience could be repeated soon in other cities of the kingdom.

Photos credits to: Houda Outa.