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Women bodies viewed by artist Linda Bougherara 

Written by FDM

The French-Algerian artist Linda Bougherara presents “Femmes aux sept couleurs, voyage vers la liberté” (Women of the Seven Colors, Journey to Freedom), an exhibition that highlights the beauty of female bodies. To discover until October 5 at the Dar Moulay Ali cultural space in Marrakech.

“Women of the Seven Colors, Journey to Freedom ” is an ode to femininity. Signed by French-Algerian artist Linda Bougherara, the exhibition showcases the female body. In the Dar Moulay Ali cultural space in Marrakesh, seven bodies of colored women are carved out of vegetable paper – papers collected during her travels for 10 years – and represent the saints invoked in the spiritual ceremonies of the brotherhoods of Gnawa where the colors are of symbolic importance, as described by the French Institut in Marrakech.

Also displayed on the walls are watercolors and paper compositions of seaweed and palms that celebrate the Mediterranean and the Atlantic ocean. Until October 5, the public will discover the strength of the body that has taken shape and meaning through materials and colors.

the exhibition’s opening will take place on Wednesday, June 12 in the presence of the artist, accompanied by a musical performance of the troupe Gnawa Bnat Gania, in Dar Moulay Ali, gallery and tea room, 1 rue Ibn Khaldoun (next to the Koutoubia).