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Women artists shine at an exhibition in Essaouira 

Written by FDM

Dar Souiri space in Essaouira will host the exhibition “Flammes Créatives” (Creative Flames) until January 12. On the initiative of the Essaouira-Mogador Association, three women painters are thus put forward, namely Halima Slika, Nadia Ouchatar and Chama Attar.

At the Dar Souiri space in Essaouira, we discover the female approach of art through three artists: Halima Slika, Nadia Ouchatar and Chama Attar. An exhibition dubbed “Creative Flames” which is organized as part of the 4th edition of the Festival Jazz sous l’arganier and at the initiative of the Association Essaouira-Mogador.

On display, thirty paintings: six works by Chama Attar, 15 paintings by Nadia Ouchatar including works recalling the Souiri Haik and a dozen paintings by Halima Slika. These visual artists bring together several artistic styles ranging from symbolic realism to innate style or even to surrealism, by addressing several themes around life, music and the human body.

“In this exhibition, we travel as if we are invited to move from one universe to another, through the human and artistic atmosphere of the city of the trade winds, formulated by the visual language of these three women artists, who pay homage to this city, to what it encompasses as heritage and creations, while making us penetrate into the music of the same cosmos, which they describe with lucidity by their different sensibilities, through their three very original and Subtle universes “, thus described Ahmed Harrouz, artist and member of the Essaouira-Mogador Association.

(With MAP)