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Woman claims she was fired for being “too attractive”

Written by FDM

This freelance television worker claims she was dropped by her employer for being “too attractive”!

In London, Emma Hulse, 24, said she was five minutes into a freelance shift at UNIT TV when a manager sent her home, saying she “should be on a catwalk.” The company admitted that the incident occurred and have fired the manager, who has not been named, concerned.

The 24-year-old from Mayfair in London relayed to the  Evening Standard saying: “We were supposed to finish at 6pm and I got there for 9.30am and when I got there this other runner started explaining to me what I should do.

“Then my agent text me that I’m no longer required,” she said. “I got there and spoke to the line manager and he asked me, ‘Are you a model? Are you not doing catwalks, why are you not at the front of house?’”

She admitted to have been wearing a lipstick, a shirt and trousers, which, to her perspective, was not inappropriate.

“Then he took my number, he suggested we go for a drink.”

Emma, who describes herself as a runner, production assistant, and camera operating executive on her TalentManager profile, said this is the first time she was sent home because of her appearance.

“Maybe that company employs plain looking people and maybe if you don’t look that way they don’t take you, maybe I was a distraction,” she said, adding that “within a creative agency you should be free to wear what you want.”

What are your thoughts of the incident?