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With a fractured leg, this Japanese runner crawls to finish a marathon 

Written by FDM

In a heart-breaking footage gone viral, a Japanese student impressed the audience in a relay marathon on Sunday (October 21st) in Fukuoka, South Japan.

Japanese Woman Crawls 200m To Keep Her Team From Getting Disqualified

Scène surréaliste dimanche lors du Princess Ekiden au Japon. Blessée en pleine course, Rei Lida (🇯🇵) a rampé – genoux en sang – pendant 200m jusqu'à l'arrivée. Devant un juge l'encourageant à poursuivre et des spectateurs sidérés.•PS : En cas d'abandon, son équipe aurait été mise hors course.

Publiée par RUN'IX sur Mardi 23 octobre 2018

During “ekiden” relay marathon, 19-year-old runner Rei Iida fell, fracturing her right leg towards the end of her 3,54 km stretch of a 42-km relay marathon. Instead of admitting defeat, and with a die-hard attitude, Iida crawled the final 200 m of her section of the race. A move that left everyone in awe of her grit.

The student crawled, as quickly as possible, with injured knees and hands. A scene that moved the audience and especially her teammates. As soon as she completed her mission, Rei Iida was taken to the hospital by the race organizers. The doctors found a broken right leg, which should take four months to heal.