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You will love this melodic version of Morocco’s national anthem

Written by FDM

The Moroccan national anthem has never sounded so melodic.

The Moroccan national anthem, like many other anthems, is subjected to various covers with different music styles. From the guitar, the piano or even the violin, versions have varied.

The most recent one to go viral is by Omar Benharbit, a young Moroccan student based in France. With merely a piano, the student managed to create something magical. With the chill and quiet vibe of his home, the young man revisits the anthem of Morocco with piano and it’s a treat!

J’ai finalement décidé de partager! 🇲🇦Merci à Zineb Benharbit pour avoir risqué sa vie en filmant,❤️Enjoy! 😁

Publiée par Omar Benharbit sur Jeudi 11 juillet 2019