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A whistle against a harasser, #Masaktach collective challenge street harassment with new movement  

Written by FDM

What if a whistle was enough to tame a harasser ? This Saturday, November 10, the #Masaktach movement is launching a national initiative against street harassment.

By launching the hashtag # ila_dsser_seffri, (If he went too far, whistle!), the movement calls on all women to take up the public space and transportations armed with whistles. Ready? set, whistle!

Derogatory remarks are part of Moroccan women’s daily life, some would go far as to call “catcalling” a national sport. However, women have had enough. In order to fight against men’s impunity in the street, the collective #masaktach launched on Monday, November 5th an initiative calling all the women to invest the public space equipped with whistles. With each remark they receive as an attempt to lure, women will respond by blowing a whistle. The aim? Make enough noise for the surrounding people to notice and thus raise awareness and condemn harassers.

Despite the entry into force last September of the law combating violence against women, harassment situations continue to rage in our streets. Indeed, the law indicates that a harassed woman has the opportunity to file a complaint against her harasser. Good news that was applauded at the time of its promulgation.Except that there is a catch: women continue to be subject to such situations, and the victims have a hard time making their voices heard.

The #Masaktach movement is very active on Twitter denouncing this phenomenon with hashtags.

This upcoming Saturday, in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech, women with whistles will walk the streets on the lookout for any non-respectful behavior. On Twitter, the group calls on women to distribute whistles and take pictures in the public space to motivate others to join the movement. Masaktach also recalls the text of the law in another tweet: