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When one of Gad Elmaleh skits turn out as a real life experience

Written by FDM

It may seem like a déja vu incident to  many of us, but to the Moroccan comedian, the occurrence was but mere imagination until it concretized in New York city. 

While Gad Elmaleh was walking in the streets of New York, he was recognized by a fan, nothing exceptional.  Except that the fan in question, who was Moroccan, was wearing a Minnie Mouse costume!

An funny encounter that was commemorated by a photo of him together with this Moroccan Minnie, that Elmaleh shared on social networks:

In his show “Papa est en haut”, Gad Elmaleh had said, in his sketch, that he was recognized by one of the employees disguised as a Disney character at Disneyland Paris.