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When Gad ElMaleh sings in fake English on American television 

Written by FDM

With more than 2 million views and over 15,000 shares, the video of Gad El Maleh playing a song in « Gibberish » quickly became viral on social media.

Decidedly, Gad EL Maleh never dissapoints. While he was guesting of the « Late Night with Conan O’Brien », the French-Moroccan comedian had fun interpreting a song in false English in reference to a small old personal story of fifteen years ago.

At the time, the comedian was playing in a piano bar. One evening, the boss asked him to sing in English for an important’s birthday. At the time, Gad Elmaleh did not know any English, so he invented « a language that sounded like English » and no one even noticed says.

Very amused by his story, Conan O’Brien asked him to recreate his performance.

Gad Elmaleh – Singing In Made-Up English

How to sing in English if you don't know English.•Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco #CONAN

Publié par Gad Elmaleh sur vendredi 2 mars 2018