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What place do women have in cinema? 

Written by FDM

The fight against sexist stereotypes starts with cinema. A debate about “the image of women in the seventh art” was organized during the 4th edition of the Saïda Festival “Cinema without Borders”, which awarded, on  September 1st, the prize for the best actress to Fadila Benmoussa.

Cinema has a role to play in the promotion of gender equality and the fight against sexist stereotypes, as highlighted by the Al Amal Association for Cohabitation and Development which organizes the Saida Festival ” Cinema Without Borders “and which concocted a debate on” the image of women in the cinema “.

A host of researchers, associative actors, directors and other professionals were invited such as screenwriter Narjiss Moudden who stressed that ” the cinema and the great power of the imagery must be used to improve the image of the woman and fight against her stereotyped character, the goal being to restore the woman’s value and dignity “. The problem is that in recent years as she laments, the number of Moroccan films dealing with women and their issues are reducing, while art is a real lever for development of society.

An opinion shared by the director Hakim Noury who devoted, meanwhile, a large place for women in his works. For him, there is today a pressing need for serious work and effective involvement of credible directors so that the 7th art can participate in the change of mentalities and the improvement of women’s image.

For many other speakers, there is another concern: the treatment of women’s issues by filmmakers must be motivated by an awareness of their vital role in society and not by commercial or other concerns.

Meantime, several hundred kilometers away, at the Venice Film Festival, during which the French filmmaker Jacques Audiard denounced another problem: the absence of women at the head of film festivals, criticizing the under-representation of women this year in the Selection of the Mostra …

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