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 #WelinaWehdinMenkoun, UNHCR’s Morocco web campaign against refugees stereotypes 

Written by FDM

To live together and against the stereotypes of which some refugees are subjected to, UNHCR Morocco, in collaboration with Jawjab, is launching the first episode of its web series #WelinaWehdinMenkoun on February 26 (We are part of you). A striking video that tells the story of Abbas – an Iraqi comedian and refugee.

His name is Abbas Abdelghani. He is an actor and director. He is Iraqi and refugee, as he says in the first episode of the web series #WelinaWehdinMenkoun (We are part of you) which was launched on February 26, by UNHCR Morocco in collaboration with Jawjab.

The aim of this series is to highlight some refugee profiles in Morocco in order to fight against the stereotypes of which they are victims. Because, we may forget it, but after having lived through wars and many persecutions, many have started over in Morocco like Abbas who ” bears the stigma of war “, as he says facing the camera.

In Iraq, his city was demolished just like his house “which was looted, burned and destroyed as it is an artist’s house “. Abbas saw his friends die, not to mention the death threats he received … The departure from Iraq was therefore inevitable and was done in several stages. ” When I saw the flag of Morocco, I felt reassured. I could not believe I was finally going to live in peace,” he says. In the kingdom, he works and plays in Hollywood movies. Abbas reminds us vigorously: refugees are an integral part of society and constitute a real wealth for the country.


عباس : "شعرت بأمان كبير لما شفت العلم المغربي"

أنا شفت الموت، نجيت منو وانتصرت عليه. واش كاين أسوأ من الموت؟#WelinaWehdinMenkoum#مرغم_أخاك

Publiée par UNHCR Maroc sur Mardi 26 février 2019