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Web series ‘Rezo’ with Zineb Obeid deemed a great success

Written by FDM

Rezo, the Ramadan web series, has harvested more than 30 million views on the net. A success signed by Inwi in which the famous presenter and actress Zineb Obeid plays.

The adventures of Salim, Dounia and Bush, respectively played by Momo, Zineb Obeid and Adnane Mouhejja, held the netizens in suspense. More than 30 million people were captivated by the Ramadan Rezo web series which tells the story of a young maintenance technician (mobile network) who will see his life change overnight when he is given powers to enhanced reality. To learn how to tame his new powers, Salim can count on the precious help of his fiancée and his uncle Bush.

After Switchers, #Code , and Sa3a , Inwi has yet hit a new milestone. Its entertainment productions, which are also broadcasted on the 2M television channel, are indeed the most watched in the last five years. “Over the years, Inwi’s web series have become key events on the national audiovisual production agenda,” says Brahim Amdouy, Content Manager at Inwi. We are working on current themes that interest and attract our audience, consisting mainly of young Internet users in all regions of the country. As a global digital operator, we have been pioneers in this field since 2012. Today, we are pleased to see how much we have inspired the Moroccan digital ecosystem to produce web-based content for fiction on different registers. ” Clearly, all the ingredients are collected.