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#Warri: a photo campaign against Facebook censorship

Written by FDM

A group of Tunisian associations launched the Warri campaign in response to the Facebook censorship of a photo of a naked body  swollen by bruises.

It all started when the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women (ATFD) posted, on its Facebook page, the photograph of a  beaten and injured woman.

Three minutes after the post, Facebook censored the image and closed the official page of the association.

On December 9, in response to this censorship, a group of Tunisian associations for the defense of women’s rights launched #Warri (“show” in Tunisian), a campaign of photos of nude, beaten Tunisian actresses.

With the slogan “violence is more serious than nudity”, this campaign condemns censorship  in the name of morality, regardless of content and purpose   behind the display of such photos.