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“Le Voyage de Khadija” by Tarif El Idrissi awarded in Spain

Written by FDM

“Le Voyage de Khadija” has just won the Audience Award at the Mostra de Cinema Internacional del Baix Llobregat (Baix Llobregat International Film Festival in Barcelona), a documentary, directed by Tarif El Idrissi, tackling the conditions of the Moroccan woman.

For his documentary “Le Voyage de Kadija”, Tarif El Idrissi has just won the first Audience Award in the category “Cicle de cinema africa” newly launched at the International Film Festival of Baix Llobregat (Barcelona).

The film that recounts the story of Khadija, a young woman of Moroccan decent born in Amsterdam, has thrilled the audience. As a child, she went every summer to Benichikar, the village of her parents in the Rif. But the disparity between her life standards in the Netherlands and Moroccan customs grew. Thus decides to no longer visit her home country for twenty years. But the twist came after the death of her father. She wanted to be reconciled with her past, and especially learn more about her paternal grandmother, Mamma Allal, a “strong and courageous” woman as dubbed by men in the village.

The story of Khadija challenges and addresses the status of women in Morocco in terms of social and cultural differences. Thus, the experiences and the struggle of this young woman against patriarchy were at the center of the reflections and discussions with the public during this festival, as we can read on the Catalan website of the Mostra. The film, which attracted more than a hundred spectators, was rated 4.4 out of 5!