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Visual illusions like you’ve never seen before by a Korean Arts student

Written by FDM

Beauty has evolved to be a widely creative field, with the non-stopping number of makeup artists or beauty bloggers coming out every day. But surely you’ve seen nothing like these trippy most illusory creations of 22 years old south-Korean Dain Yoon that seem to surpass all expectations.

Dain Yoon describes herself as an “illusion artist” and is a senior at Korea National University of Arts in Seoul. Since last year, Yoon has been busy painting bending, reality defying works –on herself.

For as long as she can remember, she says she enjoyed “drawing”, “painting” and “people”. To express herself to the fullest, she chose her own face and body as her canvas as she was fascinated by the “multi-dimensioned perspectives that humans possess,”.

Besides she explained to ABC news that anything can inspire her, “There is nothing grand…about my source of inspiration,” she said. “Anything, even in a very ordinary life, could be great inspirations with different perspectives. But if I were to choose something out of my routine that draws inspiration, I would say that movies often help me twist my perspectives.”

“As I expand my areas on illusion art, I would like to study more at a graduate school level abroad,” she also revealed.