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#VisibleWomen, the hashtag to highlight women in comics industry

Written by FDM

The hashtag is a pretty artistic twist on Twitter. The opportunity to discover women in the comics industry.

In the world of graphic design and illustration, as in many fields, women are still under-represented . As it is no good already for those who wish to break into this field, it is even worse because the more diversity there is in creative teams, the more varied the works are.

And because  recruiters tend to say « we would like to hire women, but we can not find any », Twitter users forcibly respond with the  #VisibleWomen hashtag.

As the name suggests, this initiative, launched for the second time on August 7 by Kelly Sue DeConnick (American comics writer) aims to help women in the comics world gain visibility, connect with one another and get paid.

The initiative invites all women-identifying comic artists, colorists, letterers, inkers and writers to take to Twitter and promote their work by announcing who they are, what they do, and supplying sample images of their creations.

According to reports, production company Milkfed announced that, at the end, it will compile every tweet with the #VisibleWomen hashtag into a massive spreadsheet, which will be available free of charge to any hiring professional in the comic book industry

The #VisibleWomen poured in with so many talents in the same place, and it’s as beautiful as it is impressive. Here is a small selection of the incredibly gifted women working in comics today below.