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Viral video shows Moroccan woman subjected to Islamophobic attack in Belgium

Written by FDM

Fatiha, 47, was attacked on the street while walking with her daughter on the new year’s eve, in the La Roue district of Anderlecht near Brussels. The malicious attack was captured on a CCTV…

The video of the assault of a veiled woman in Anderlecht went viral within the Muslim community of Belgium. It must be said that the footage shows a totally hateful gesture towards a passerby. In the video, ,  is seen with her youngest daughter, carrying shopping bags and walking down the street when a hooded passerby punches the mother’s face and then flees.

The Belgian news outlet La Capitale reported that the victim is a 47-year-old woman named Fatiha, of Moroccan origin. She is divorced woman and mother of three. Fatiha is now calling on Belgian authorities to find her attacker and bring him to justice.

Fatiha also told La Capitale that her attacker was carrying a taser. Police have yet to find the suspect.

“I came back with my daughter from the bakery when we met him (the man). I never imagined he would hit me. He did not say anything before attacking me, ” Fathia told La Capitale.”I’m afraid of getting out of my house,” she regrets.

Hate crimes have increased in the past years in wester societies especially towards Muslim. A focus on women wearing hijabs seams to be prominent in Belgium. In 2017, 76 percent of Islamophobic attacks in Belgium targeted women, according to data gathered from victims by a local anti-Islamophobia association.