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Video. US bakery refuses to serve a Muslim woman in niqab

Written by FDM

A bakery in Minneapolis, the United States is at the center of a controversy after an employee refused to serve a woman who wore the niqab instead of a mask.

The video posted on Facebook by the victim caused went viral in the United States this week. The conversation can clearly be heard between the Muslim client, named Zahur Abdiaziz, asking the employee to serve her bread. The latter refuses, saying: ”  No face mask, no service”.  The client explains to her that her hijab acts as protection but her interlocutor does not want to hear anything and replies that this kind of mask is not accepted in the bakery. “It is not a face mask. We don’t accept that,” the employer said. An incident that has been described as racist by many Internet users.

In a statement, the bakery apologized for what they called a “racial incident”. “We are deeply saddened that one of our employees is speaking to someone in this way and refusing service. In this store, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination against our Muslim brothers and sisters,” the statement said. However, the employee has still not been sanctioned …