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Video: This woman tried to board a flight with her ’emotional support’ peacock

Written by FDM

While it is normal for passengers to travel with their pets (cats or dogs) on airplanes, it remains a rarity to come face to face with a bird. And not just any bird … a peacock!

It is a crazy scene that many passengers and staff at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey,USA experienced when an New York City-based artist named Ventiko turned up with her peacock to board a flight to Los angeles on 28 January.

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Publié par The Jet Set sur dimanche 28 Janvier 2018

The artist allegedly attempted to board a flight with “emotional support peacock”. She had even purchased a separate seat to take her colorful bird on board, however United Airlines declined the her request over health and safety concerns.

The airline have explained to the artist before she arrived at the airport that the animal “did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size.” a spokesperson for the airline said in a statement the day after the incident.

Meanwhile, video footage shared by The Jet Set TV shows Ventiko arriving at the airport with her peacock, and people amused by the scene. It must have been funny!

Now we've got video! Check out The #Peacock arriving at #NewarkAirport before it was denied boarding on #United. (This video was sent to us by Sherri Ross!)

Publié par The Jet Set sur mardi 30 Janvier 2018