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Video: Music mogul Timbaland vibing to Amazigh music

Written by FDM

Famous American musician Timbaland surprised his fans with his eclectic taste in music when he appeared on his Instagram stories with Amazigh rhythms on the background.

The video has gone viral on Morocco’s social networks. Timbo the King on Instagram (3 million followers), is seen vibing to Amazigh melodies from the Souss region of Morocco on one of his stories. “Always gotta be ahead, he said, There are so many rhythms in the world today”.

Moroccan fans have since shared the video massively expressing their surprise and enthusiast to see a prominent American producer react to one of their local music genres.

As an influencer figure and co-producer of many hits by pop artists in the US, (Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna… ) many are expecting an Amazigh tribute in upcoming sounds by Timbaland.