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Video: Moroccan Flag hoisted on the Himalayas

Written by FDM

Armed with a strong will and a high spirit of patriotism, the young Moroccan parachutist Anas Bekkali decided to hoist the Moroccan flag at the top of the largest mountain chain in the world, the Himalayas in Nepal, in commemoration of the Green March 42nd anniversary according to MAP.

Jumping from a height of 7000 m, the Moroccan champion flew over the Himalaya by raising  the Moroccan flag to the highest despite the difficult weather conditions and strong winds that blow on this region.

Organized during the “Everest Skydive 2017” event, this jump allowed the parachutist to set a new world record, the highest jump by floating the largest flag on the Himalayan ranges. A feat that required a technical preparation of more than a year, with the help of a specialized team that includes several technicians, in addition to three photographers who also filmed their jumps.

Born in 1988 in Khénifra, Anas Bekkali emigrated to the of the United Arab Emirates where he joined for the first time the “I fly” team for skydiving. In 2011 Anas Bekkali joined “Sky Dive Dubai”, one of the main skydiving stations in the region.