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Video: Internet users shocked by a 2M broadcast on bipolar disorders

Written by FDM

And yet, another controversy surrounding the Moroccan Morning show Sabahyate at 2M occurred.

In this Morning TV show, Professor El Hamaoui Youssef, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, was a guest where he explained calmly and scientifically the condition of  « bipolar disorder ».

At the moment when the psychiatrist  started illustrating by examples the condition of the patient when he is in a state of excitement (excess in his gestures and actions, unreflective decisions, insomnia …), one of the hosts bursted out laughing …

While the description may have surprised her, many people criticized the lack of restraint of host « supposed to enlighten the public », while bipolar disorder is a « sometimes severe disease that can be disabling ».

« Such an attitude denotes a lack of professionalism and a total lack of respect for those who suffer from this disorder, » wrote a social networking user, obviously shocked after seeing the segment posted by the professor on Facebook.

No clarifications have been issued by the channel on he matter.