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Video: In India, brides also have the right to have fun

Written by FDM

A Bollywood style wedding video showing an Indian bride dancing and playing with her bridesmaids  made the rounds on internet and gained universal attention.

Amisha Bhardwaj is making a statement about brides having fun while dancing in shorts and her bridal blouse, perfectly lip syncing to Sia’s popular song « Cheap Thrills ». The short film shot by wedding filmmakers, modern version of the wedding photographer, impressed the world  and has exceeded 7 million views on YouTube.

Amisha Bhardwaj  is surprised that her video went viral but thinks it’s because it broke stereotypes that oblige Indian brides to be shy and poise on their wedding days.

 « The script for the Indian bride has been the same for ages – she is supposed to be shy, not laugh and smile sporadically, and cry while leaving her parents’ house. But now the modern Indian bride is writing her own script. » the new bride told BBC.

People seem to be accepting this change – a majority of comments on her video are positive. But some have accused her of « destroying » Indian culture.  To that she replies « I didn’t engage with trolls because there were enough people on the internet to defend me ».

We shall be expecting more viral wedding video from India then, and hopefully Morocco as well!