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Video: Dir iddik launches a new operation in light of Ramadan 2017

Written by FDM

After the success of the song « Yallah », produced during operation Dir Iddik, Inwi proposes again a new version this year.

Inciting young people to enhance their neighborhoods is the challenge of Dir Iddik movement by Inwi. Initiated in 2011, this initiative sponsored by Rachid El Ouali invites volunteers to take part in embellishing the districts of Moroccan cities.

This year, the initiators are targeting five cities in the kingdom, namely Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, El Jadida and Tangier. The operation lasts from June 1st to 25, three days per city.

And to combine the ‘useful’ with the ‘pleasant’, a song was created in order to raise awareness of younger people to support the cause. It is a new rendition of the official hymn « Yallah », produced by DJ Van and sung by Issam Kamal, Khawla Mujahid, Muslim and Foulane.