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Victoria Secret releases un-retouched photos revealing a model’s stretch marks

Written by FDM

This is a first, Victoria Secret releases un-retouched photos from there Fantasy Bra shoot showcasing the model’s stretch marks and all.

Ahead of its annual fashion show, Victoria’s Secret has released photos for the Fantasy Bra collection starring model Jasmine Tookes which haven’t been touched up or edited, and people are loving it.

Previously the brand has been called out for over photoshopping its pictures. Although the VS models have “body goals” written all over them, these behind the scenes shots show Jasmine isn’t completely perfect. In fact, the gorgeous model appear to have stretch marks down the left side of her thigh, adding a touch of realness and natural beauty to the brand’s latest campaign.


Meanwhile, the company has not yet released an official word about whether or not they intended to leak the raw images. Still, It raises questions: was it all for the buzz or will they keep on embracing the all natural look for next campaigns?