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Vibrant tribute for Mouna Fettou at the Marrakech International Film Festival

Written by FDM

Wednesday, December 4th was a special night at the 18th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM). A vibrant tribute was paid to one of the prominent personalities of Moroccan cinema, the actress Mouna Fettou who for almost three decades has had an exemplary and successful career.

During this ceremony celebrating the Moroccan cinema and enhanced by the presence of leading figures of the 7th national and international art, as well as members of the Jury of this edition of the FIFM, the Golden Star of the Festival was handed over to Mouna Fettou by the Tunisian actress, Hend Sabry. The latter was dressed in a beautiful caftan.

“The FIFM is a continuous success. This festival, which hosted the biggest stars of international cinema, is today one of the highlights of the global cultural agenda,” Mouna said.

The International Film Festival of Marrakech has strengthened the visibility of Moroccan cinema internationally and contributed to its wide-scale outreach, she noted, adding that this distinction is a crowning achievement of her efforts in the industry, a recognition of her commitment as an actress and a tribute to Moroccan women and all Moroccan actors and actresses.

“Between the FIFM and myself is a long love story … I cherish a wonderful memory from 2006 when I was the mistress of ceremony. This year, my sentiment is one of deep satisfaction, that is to be honored by this prestigious festival. What an honor it is to receive this distinction among my peers from Morocco and abroad,” concluded Mouna Fettou.