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USA: Transgender man expecting a child 

Written by FDM

Trystan Reese, a 34-years-old transgender man who has already adopted two children, will give birth to his first child in July, with his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow.

Trystan Reese will finally fulfill his dream: to give birth to a child. Born a woman, the future father, who had preserved his uterus, had begun a treatment of hormones ten years ago. He immediately stopped it when he discovered his pregnancy.

A pregnant man?! WTF?

How does Trystan reconcile being a man with being pregnant? Watch to hear his story!

Publié par Biff and I sur mardi 28 mars 2017

If this is a first for them, Reese and Chaplow, who know many transgender men who may have had children « in a healthy and responsible way, » are confident.

The future transgender dad told CNN : « We met with the best medical team we could find to find out if it was possible to do safely, » He also stopped his treatment with testosterone to prepare his body for the process of pregnancy.