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USA: Moroccans celebrate assignment of the first Moroccan police officer in the city of Revere

Written by FDM

The Moroccan American community celebrated on Monday, the appointment of the first police officer of Moroccan decent in the city of Revere in the united states.

Youness Elalam is officially a member of the police force in Revere. On Monday, October 2nd, members from the Moroccan American community gathered at Revere Police Headquarters to celebrate the news. A video has been later shared on Facebook by a member of the association, showing a Moroccan festive ambiance where milk and dates were served and ululations shouted.

حفل مغربي داخل الكوميسارية بأمريكا Celebrating the First Moroccan American Police Officer in Revere's History

Publié par Rachid Moukhabir sur lundi 2 octobre 2017

This Event was organized by MACIR, Moroccan American Connections in Revere. The feedback on the social network has been mainly supportive as many comment from activists are seen congratulating Youness Elalam for being the first Moroccan policeman in the state of Revere.