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US: Memorial for murdered Muslim teenager set on fire

Written by FDM

A memorial for murdered Muslim teenager Nabra Hassanen in Dupont Circle was set on fire. According to police, 24-year-old South Carolina man was detained for the incident.

Washington D.C. residents gathered at the capital’s Dupont Circle on Tuesday night to grieve  the 17-year-old, who was walking back to her mosque in Fairfax County when she was attacked and possibly sexually assaulted by a road rage driver.

D.C. police confirmed to the Daily News that officers were called Wednesday morning after fire was set to the memorial at a fountain. The blaze was quickly extinguished, but police suspected its start. investigators were called to the scene and 24-year-old South Carolina man was detained.

However, police say the fire at Hassanen’s memorial wasn’t a hate crime either. “There is no evidence that this incident is related to the memorial held in the park the previous evening,” they said. The suspect was released from custody today and a court date has been scheduled.

Meantime, frustration and anger multiply as neither Hassanen’s murder nor the desecration of her memorial are being treated as hate crimes.