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Urban Pop singer Manal returns with ‘Nah’ featuring Shayfeen

After taking up rapping in her single “TAJ” (Crown), Moroccan pop singer Manal made a come back with another attempt at rap-singing in her new song “Nah” featuring the rap duo Shayfeen.

Manal’s “Nah”, posted on youtube on April 17 evening, is nationally trending fifth place on the plateforme and has already harvested over 975K views in two days. In this colorful music video, women and men are seen clashing in what seems to be an emotional conflict against the backdrop of a groovy electronic pop melody.

The fierce Urban Pop singer who has four singles to her credits is all about girl power. Being a self proclaimed feminist, Manal previously sang about break ups in ‘Koulchi Ban”, challenging social expectations and invigorating female empowerment in her “TAJ” (Crown) and complicated relationships like the one described in “Nah”. Her Instagram boasts over 300K followers with whom she shares well-selected photos that reveal an edgy and fierce personality.