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UNESCO: Schools shutdown affect 1.3 billion students worldwide

Written by FDM

1.3 billion children and young people in 186 countries have never set foot in a school, as reported by UNESCO which has just published the latest figures of students deprived of school due to the pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19). On this occasion, the UN antenna recalls the crucial issue of girls’ education.

In mid-April, a peak of 1.5 billion children and young people, from kindergarten to higher education, in 195 countries were affected by the schools’ shutdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19 ). Today, there are 1.3 billion learners in 186 countries. A figure announced by UNESCO which indicates the number of students deprived of school.

For the time being, of the 195 countries that closed their schools in April, 128 have still not announced a timetable for reopening schools. On the other side, we find China and Japan with an opening of 30 and 40% of their schools, and some Nordic countries, such as Denmark and Norway, which have opened primary schools as well as most of the Pacific Islands.

For the UN antenna, a well-organized return to school is essential to limit the risks of dropping out of school and the widening of inequalities which are the consequence of the educational crisis linked to Covid-19. “It is positive that the reopening movement is triggering because the consequences of the closings are significant, particularly through the widening of inequalities. And it is essential that this is done in an orderly manner, respecting a certain number of conditions. International coordination by sharing experiences and expressing the needs of countries is now a necessity because the challenges are immense, ” as Director-General Audrey Azoulay said in a press release.

Indeed, “The stakes are vital for vulnerable populations and particularly for girls, for whom the school is often a bulwark against violence and inequality. “