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UNESCO: International Symposium in Morocco on the urgency of gender studies

Written by FDM

The generalization of gender studies seems to be the lever for gender equality. This is what UNESCO is promoting while organizing, together with other partners, an international symposium.

An event organized on March 28th and 29th respectively at the Aïn Chock faculty of Literature and Human Sciences in Casablanca and the faculty of Literature and Human Sciences of Rabat on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

Is the generalization of gender studies the key to gender equality? For UNESCO, the answer is a big yes. The international symposium entitled ” Gender and the University, Experiences Crossed towards the Generalization of Gender Studies “.  The goal? Sharing experiences and draw the attention of decision-makers, universities and the general public once again to the importance and urgency of instituting and mainstreaming gender studies as an essential lever for the social change needed on the road to equality between women and men and for development, reads a statement.

To do so, Unesco organized two highlights. The first, round tables and workshops planned during the first day. Where all the necessary means to institute and generalize these studies in the universities will be exposed. The second, the scientific advances of the state of the art, the recommendations and ways of working. Thus, two studies will be highlighted in particular concerning training and research on gender in Morocco and Tunisia. The experiments carried out in France, Belgium or Spain will also be presented.

A nice exchange to follow for teachers and researchers engaged in gender studies in Morocco, the MENA region, Africa, and Europe, as well as institutional individuals. In short, new action to better end inequalities.