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Unequal representation of women in the media

Written by FDM

The media regulator of Senegal and the Panos West Africa Institute (IPAO)) organized, between February 11 and 13, a regional conference of content production on the image of women in the west-African media space under the theme “Building and regulating a gender-inclusive West African media environment together”.

Morocco took part in this meeting in the person of the President of the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA), Latifa Akharbach.

Speaking at this regional conference, the president of the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA) Akharbach said that “the underrepresentation of women in media content deprives society of the female perspective on major issues of public interest and inhibits women’s determination to get involved in development projects when everyone’s efforts are required ”.

By way of illustration of good practices, the example of the digital platforms + + and + + set up by the 2m Gender and Diversity Committee and dedicated to promoting the media visibility of Moroccan and African female expertise,  Akharbach felt that there was a great need to question the quality of the presence of women in and through the media and not only the digital weight of this presence.

Several plenary sessions and thematic workshops were scheduled in this conference, to tackle national gender communication policies and strategies, the specific action of regulators in strengthening the gender approach, difficulties in regulating content on women in social networks, legitimacy and the strength of citizen regulation, or even the capacity of professional organizations and media organizations to take on regulatory and co-regulatory actions.

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