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 UAF campaign for Zero tolerance of violence against women 

Written by FDM

The Union of Feminist Action (UAF) is once again protesting against violence against women and calling for “zero tolerance”.

The Union of Feminist Action (UAF) is fed up, especially after the cruelty suffered by too many women in Morocco. Women like Amina, Khadija, Hasna or Hanane. Young women who were raped, tortured, who killed themselves or were murdered …

The horrors denounced unceasingly by this association that calls, in a post on Facebook, for the “zero tolerance towards violence against women”, the name of its campaign launched at the beginning of the year as part of the EuroMed network. For the UAF, “often, the security authorities only move when the victim is killed,” and “criminals do not hesitate to expose their crimes and publish their horrors. It is dangerous to trivialize this situation and even more dangerous to defame the victim instead of the criminal.”

The association also recalled that “the state is the first concerned by the security” of its citizens, and that the government “must establish programs of prevention combating violence against women at the level of schools, media, social networks, also take care of the survivors and be uncompromising towards the culprits” because it is a matter of urgency!