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  Two women die during a scramble in Bab Sebta

Written by FDM

A new tragedy occurred at the crossing point of Bab Sebta. Two women succumbed to their injuries after a scramble broke out Monday morning.

An investigation was opened following the death of two Moroccan women at a scramble on Monday morning at the crossing point of Bab Sebta, as announced in a statement the local authorities of the prefecture of M’diq-Fnideq.

The two women, Ilham and Souad, were aged about forty each, and from Fnideq, according to Mohamed Benaïssa, president of the North Observatory of Human Rights, interviewed by AFP.

The “women carriers”, estimated at 15,000, are many to hurry and  transit from the other side, with on their backs, kilos and kilos of contraband goods. Results: the jostling is regular leading to great tragedies. In 2017, at least four carriers died, trampled in scramble , including last August when six women were injured, two of whom died from their injuries …

Following this accident, an investigation was opened by the competent authorities under the supervision of the prosecution to determine the circumstances.

Moroccan and Spanish NGOs regularly denounce the “humiliating and degrading situation” of these women who work at the risk of their lives.