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Two unprecedented exhibitions celebrate folk troupes and rural lives in Essaouira

Written by FDM

As part of its cultural season, the French Institute of Essaouira has decided to pay tribute to a great Moroccan name in photography: Daoud Aoulad-Syad. Two exhibitions called “Ethnofolk” and “Le Maroc, d’Ombre et de Lumière” (Morocco, Shadow and Light), full of unpublished photos, are to be discovered until June 8.

Two series of photos of Daoud Aoulad-Syad are hung in Essaouira. Unpublished images that highlight the wealth of Morocco. The first exhibition, ” Ethnofolk” is held from May 10 to June 8 at the French Institute of Essaouira. These are unpublished black and white portraits of folk troupes from the entire kingdom, from Tangier to Dakhla, from Essaouira to Zagora, from Beni Mellal to Oujda.

The faces of these artists, musicians,performers, singers, and dancers were captured by Daoud Aoulad Syad for whom they have been posing every year for almost 60 years. An astonishing folk-like corpus takes on an undeniable ethnographic dimension, as the Institut français of Essaouira describes on its website.

The second exhibition, “Morocco, Shadow and Light”, starts from May 11 to June 8 at the Dar Souiri Cultural Center. This time with colored photos, also unpublished. Daoud Aoulad Syad plays with the light immortalizing scenes of mainly rural lives like village festivals and other weekly markets. Daoud Aoulad Syad’s photos are as pure as they are captivating.