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Two Muslim women elected to the US Congress in a historic first

Written by FDM

This is a historic first in the United States. Rashida Tlaib , an American-Palestinian, and Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American, two muslim Democrat candidates, were elected to the House of Representatives of the US Congress in the mid-term elections that took place on Tuesday in the United States.  

Rachida Tlaib won the race for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, as the only representative of a large party in this election. She secured the nomination after leading the votes by 91.3% edging out her other two opponents, small party candidates.

Tlaib, who was one of many women who dominated Democratic primaries in Michigan in August, was the big favorite in this deeply democratic district. She was elected to fill the seat previously held by Republican John Conyers prior to his resignation in December amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar won the House seat at Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, after leading by 78.2% of the votes as opposed to 21.5% secured by her Republican opponent, Jennifer Zielinski. She will take over former representative of Minneapolis-area district, Keith Ellison who in 2006 became the first Muslim to be elected to Congress.

Tlaib, the eldest daughter of Palestinian immigrants, was one of more than 90 American Muslims to run this year. Ilhan Omar, a veiled member of the Minnesota Legislative Assembly, won the Democratic primary in midwestern state, dismissing a Democratic incumbent with 22-year terms.