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Two Moroccan Taekwondo female athletes qualify for Olympics in Argentina

Written by FDM

Moroccan Taekwondo athletes Fatima Zahra Boufares and Safia Ali assured, on Saturday in Hammamet, their qualification to the Youth Olympic Games that will take place this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Map reported.

Morocco participated in these qualifiers by a team comprising of five athletes including Youssef Bouatris (63 kg), Moad Habib (-55 kg) and Rabab Ouhadi (-49 kg) who were unable to secure their qualification for these Youth Olympic Games.

Tunisia hosted the qualifying taekwondo tournament of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG, Buenos Aires 2018) on 6 and 7 April, and will host the world junior championships from 9 to 13 of the same month, with the participation of no less than 1300 athletes representing 119 countries, including Morocco .