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Two businesswomen distinguished at Industry Meeting Awards

Written by FDM

For the first edition of Industry Meeting Awards organized by Industrie du Maroc Magazine, two exceptional women were distinguished among the 8 winners.

More than 70 applications received, 19 pre-selected ones and 8 winners including 2 women, this is the result of the first edition of the Industry Meeting Awards organized by Industrie du Maroc Magazine.

Thus, Lamia Tazi, Executive Director of Sothema, won the “Investment Award”, an award designed to reward the best industrial investment in recognition of the quality and success of the project and its socio-economic impact.

As for the second remarkable businesswoman, her name is Nawal Chraibi Executive Director of the Mascir Foundation whose main mission is the promotion of scientific research and technological development. She has been recognized for her industrial innovation as well as her socio-economic impact.