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TV ad shatters gender stereotypes for a better housework harmony

Written by Amal Asebriy

Because housework is not exclusive to women. The household detergents company, Mio, launched a new TV commercial promoting their products with men! An ad that promotes equality under the slogan of “let’s share the housework”.

It was about time someone addressed the stereotype of women doing all the housework. The new ad by Mio shows a selected group of men, representing all age ranges, doing domestic work like the dishes and folding the laundry. An unusual sight indeed! But that’s not all, the voice-over features a male voice (for once) speaking words of appreciation to the female figure that’s been doing all the work.

The words and message put forward by this ad struck a chord with many viewers who took to Facebook to voice out their appreciation: “Someone finally did it!” said one user. “Let’s put an end to these sexist stereotypes stipulating that the housework is for the woman … Thank you #Mio! # Nestlé come and see”, another user proclaimed. Some even expressed complete surprise at the sight of men doing laundry and ultimately applauded the ad for portraying an advanced awareness.

Indeed, helping around inside the house is often considered less “manly” by Moroccan social standards. As a result, Moroccan media consistently portrays women only as homemakers and mothers and fails to use gender-sensitive language. Last month, an ad in the form of reality TV by Nestlé stirred quite a buzz for portraying  women marriage contenders judged by their talents in preparing meals.

In 2017, another ad also received backlash by El Kef brand, showed women happily scouring the ground and cleaning the house.

Hopefully this one (below) encourages a trend in the attitudes of young men and women, regarding the division of duties within households.

نتعاونو على الشقا

مع ميو، نتعاونو على الشقا !

Publiée par Mio sur Jeudi 17 mai 2018