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Turkish photographer beats up a groom about to marry a minor

Written by FDM

He is the hero of the week on Turkish social networks. Wedding photographer, Onur Albayrak, was supposed to take photos at a wedding ceremony in Malatya, Turkey, but ended up beating the groom instead.

It happened in the eastern province of the country, Malatya on July 5. Onur Albayrak was taking pictures when he learned that the bride was a minor and of 15 years of age.

“I wish it had never happen. And if you were to ask me if I’d do the same thing again, I’d say yes,” Onur Albayrak wrote in a Facebook post. According to the Turkish media Hurriyet Daily News , the photographer had noticed that the bride looked young and asked her husband for the age, who naturally answered him: “15 years old”.

An answer that earned him a broken nose following an attack by the photographer. “The groom came to my studio two weeks ago and was alone,” Albayrak told the Daily News . “I saw the bride for the first time at the wedding. She is a child, and I felt fearful because she was shaking. ”

The latter confirms and takes responsibity for his gesture. “A child bride means child abuse, and I will not photograph a child about to be married for nothing in the world” Albayrak wrote in the wake of his Facebook post. A message that he also sent to the husband during the wedding, causing the anger of the latter, who refused to let him go on the pretext of the contract signed for the wedding photos.

Child marriage is a major problem in Turkey where around 15% of girls marry before the age of 18. A scourge that many human rights organizations attempt to denounce by warning of the growing (and alarming) increase in early marriage in Atatürk, while local law requires brides to be at least 18 with a prison sentence to men marrying minors.