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Tunisian Zohra Dhouafli Chosen International Rising Talent 2019 in Paris

Written by FDM

Zohra Dhouafli, one of the five Maghrebi winners of the L’Oréal-Unesco “For Women in Science” prize last October in Rabat, has just been named International Rising Talent 2019 in Paris.

Last October, during the distinction of the Maghreb laureates, she was chosen to be one of the nominees of the L’Oréal – Unesco Foundation, within the framework of the Program for Women in Science: “International Rising Talent 2019”. Today, the young Tunisian is the winner of this title.

As a reminder, Dr. Dhouafli’s research in biochemistry and neuroscience at the Biotechnology Center of Borj Cédria focuses in particular on Alzheimer’s disease through research on the large-scale extraction and purification of a natural molecule presenting very powerful anti-Alzheimer’s effects and its application in vivo.