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Tunisian report propose gender equality in inheritance

Written by FDM

The Tunisian Commission for Individual Liberties and Gender Equality (Colibe) has published a conclusive report on its website on June 12, that pleads for equality in inheritance issues.

A turning point that is all the more emerging in Tunisia. The Colibe, founded in 2017 by President Béji Caïd Essebsi and composed of experts, has just published a report that contains proposals following its 33 work sessions aimed at encouraging social debate. Several options for the most difficult reforms were suggested, including equality in inheritance between men and women and between natural and legitimate children.

The Commission has recommended a reform on inheritance, namely a principle equality between men and women of the “first rank of kin” (brothers and sisters, son and daughter, father and mother and husband). People who refuse this equality, have an alternative since the commission gives them the opportunity to divide their inheritance differently .

As a reminder, today, women in most Islamic countries inherit half less than a man. Nevertheless, to support their idea, the Colibe puts forward the argument of the evolution of Tunisian society. “It is important that we look at these changes and institute new laws that help working women and allow them to integrate equitably into Tunisian society,” says the statement.

Another major proposed laws were to abolish the death penalty and article 230 of the Penal Code criminalizing homosexuality.